R Massey May 9-29

Create device to remove plastic from ocean. Test out in bathtub.

2 Get cardboard, rubber band , plastic spoon, tin foil a catapult.

3 Build sailboat-car...test with portable fan.

4 Board game. Poster board and markers. Create new game, must have instructions.

5 Use recyclable materials to make something useful for the home.

6 Create a major improvement to your favorite sport

7 Pick your favorite sports team. Design a new logo for the team.

8 Type career search in computer.List possible jobs you would like as an adult. List the pros and cons of each job.

9 Career interview: talk to mom,dad, older siblings. Ask them what they like and dis-like about their current job.

10 Design a major improvement to book bags and school lockers.



Mr. Coleman

Mr. Coleman has stated that his students should go on Tinkercad and do their 3d designs OR log in to their LJ create accounts

Mr. Massey

  1.  Make face mask for you and family members (  old bath towels are best)
  2. continue to design and build device to get plastic trash out of the ocean
  3. create a magic trick to show your family members
  4. Pick your favorite sport and design a major improvement to make it better.