June 2-12


Week of June 1-June 12 Keyboarding Assignment (Paper Version for packets)

For the final virtual learning assignment, we will review topics from prior weeks to help answer review

questions on keyboarding tips and techniques.


Use your knowledge and or other resources necessary to help answer the following questions about basic keyboarding techniques.

1. When typing, what key do you press with your thumb(s)?

2. What do you press to make a gap between words?

3. How do you identify the row home row keys?

4. The middle row of letters on a computer keyboard has the letters:

5. When should you take your hands off the keyboard when typing?

6. True or False You should never look at the keyboard when typing?

7. Which set of home row keys are used by the left hand?

8. What finger do you use to type the G key?

9. To go on to the next line when typing on a computer keyboard, what do you press?

10. Which set of home row keys are used by the right hand?

Computer Keyboarding April 20- May 1 Assignments


Login to your Google Classroom for the detailed list of Edutyping Lessons to complete.  The keyboarding assignments will cover the following from our Course Competency List:

Developing Keyboarding Skills

  1. Key alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information using a touch system and correct techniques.
  2. Improve keyboarding techniques.
  3. Increase keyboarding speed and/or accuracy.

The complete list of our course competencies can be found here:

Unfortunately, keyboarding cannot be assessed on paper. For students that do not have access to a computer/Internet and need a modified assignment,  complete the Choosing a Career module on Flocabulary. 
Items to be printed for packets :  Video manuscript, Read and Respond, and Quiz questions. 

Computer/ Keyboarding

For 6th and 7th grade Exploratory students currently taking Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Humphries:

Mini Project will cover the following areas from the VDOE Computer Technology Standards of Learning for grades 6-8

Social and Ethical Issues

C/T 6-8.3         Make responsible decisions—grounded in knowledge of digital safety and security best practices—that pertain to various digital communication tools and methods.

A.   Demonstrate knowledge of basic practices related to online safety.

Student instructions:

Please log in to your Flocabulary account. Your HISTORY teacher has assigned the Internet Safety Lesson. 


Admin info for packets: You can print the video transcript, read and respond, and quiz.